Proud to be Indonesian – part 1

I’m Indonesian, and I’m proud to be one of its children…

and It’s my homework and my real job to give the best for you, my Motherland

Tanah Airku

What makes me proud to be the Nation’s son are:

  1. Soekarno

Ir. Soekarno, source: Time Magazine Cover Dec 23, 1946. (click pict)

Kita bisa menjadi Bangsa yang besar

The founding father of Indonesia, who gave rigid structure of the Nation. Dreamt of an independent country, freedom from any interventions.

He was considered the new hope of freedom and peace to the world of new emerging countries, moreover GANEFO was also created as the counter of the Olympics.

Soekarno also formulated Pancasila (5 Principles) as the constitution basis for this beloved country, i.e. Indonesia.

His statue is located on Madame Tussauds museum, Bangkok.

An article about Soekarno in Life Magazine, 26 Jan 1962 can be read here.

2. BJ. Habibie

I have some figures which compare the cost of 1kg of airplane compared to 1kg of rice. 1kg of airplane costs $30000 and 1kg of rice is $0,07. And if you want to pay for your 1kg of high-tech products with a kg of rice, I don’t think we have enough

This is what we’ll always remember

The third president, gifted with a genius brain, also endowed with self-consciousness about ALLAH SWT, his God.

3. POST – Independent book kiosk, at Santa Market, Jakarta

POST, click pic to view source

@post_santa (instagram and twitter)

This non-profit kiosk, is made by young book lovers, and has the mission to enhance the creativity in writing and reading.

They provide free seminars, trainings, and workshops for Indonesia younger generations for them to love the knowledge, by reading and writing.

Article related to POST can be read here, credit to cnnindonesia. And another one from rappler here.

So far, I will add more in the next part

Bandung, 11 Aug 2015, office

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