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Our POST at Pasar Santa

Very Inspiring… proud to be Indonesian because of you fellow..

The Dusty Sneakers

Nearly six months have passed since Teddy, Steven, and I raised our glass to celebrate the opening of POST, our creative space in Pasar Santa. No, we didn’t drink champagne. The three of us had been taking turns falling ill, so I mixed us a cocktail of organic wild horse milk from Sumbawa and coffee-flower honey so we could all return to being healthy as a horse. So much has happened in those six months. Weekends at the market have become our norm, we’ve met so many brilliant people, and our neighbors have grown to feel like family – but we’ve also had to adapt with the rapid growth of Pasar Santa. However, amidst all these changes, five facts remain true about POST.

The POST zombies The POST zombies

POST is an idea that was born in Pasar Santa, for Pasar Santa

Back in July 2014, Teddy and I bumped into…

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